Through commitment and the desire for accomplishment, comes success. Here at 3D Pickleball,  we  believe that  success on the court starts with identifying your own intrinsic motivations. When we strive for success through refining and improving our skill levels on the court and we challenge ourselves to improve, we are dedicating ourselves to more than just the game of Pickleball! 


Here at 3D Pickleball, we believe that one of the greatest  character qualities a person can posses is their drive to accomplish goals! We are here to help keep you focused! We will identify areas of your game that need improvement while highlighting the strongest aspects of your game, and all of your improvements! You WILL be the best player you can be! 3D is here to help! 


Through DEDICATION and DETERMINATION comes success! We understand that the uniqueness of how success is defined is just as unique as the individual defining it. 3D Pickleball wants every member of our pickleball family to enjoy the game and have fun while playing! However it is that you define success on the court, we are here to help you reach those goals! Coach Cat loves to see his 3D family DOMinate!